AWHC | script writing

Join us in the fight.

Be a voice for the American wild horse.


Keep wild horses wild.

The issue: The vast majority of Americans are unaware that, right under their noses, the American Mustang is being violently run off its native land for no other reason than an outdated administrative system and politics (lobbyists and the cattle industry). These roundups cost wild horses their family, freedom, and sometimes their lives. And it costs taxpayers millions. Yes, millions.

What can be done?

The American Wild Horse Campaign challenged me to write a script for a new short film to capture the emotion-spurring action and to educate the public about the issues affecting wild horses.

The result: This film debuted at the AWHC’s annual gala in October 2018, and by the end of the year, they’d exceeded their fundraising goals. Additionally, this video now stands as the organizations’s first touchpoint on their homepage, effectively captivating visitors with a single click.